A few weeks ago, an incredible announcement regarding Bing’s new url submission tool was made.

Bing’s new url submission tool would allow up 10,000 urls per day. In fact, a couple of members of our team went to San Jose at the end of January. They experienced one of the biggest Search Optimization and Search Marketing events in the United States, SMX West 2019.

There were a plethora of speakers there. For example, they included Marco Lenuci, Head of International Partnerships for Google, and Junaid Ahmed, Director at Microsoft. Ahmed is considered the brainchild behind Bing’s newest algorithm change. He spoke plenty of Bing’s new url submission tool.

Imagine the reality of being able to submit keywords for indexing. In fact, with almost unlimited capabilities.

It’s safe to say that submitting up to 10,000 URL’s per day is somewhat of a win.

In other words, this helps any web designer or content manager. Bing seems to be doing their best in making our lives easier each day.

Bing’s new url submission tool is a saving grace. For example, Google does not allow that many to be submitted. Perhaps, this is an area that this ‘search giant’ may want to re-look at.

There is, of course, a stipulation to this. That is, the site must be older than 180 days, in order to use this tool. Bing leaders made it clear to us at CaliNetworks that should any errors occur, to please send it trouble tickets to correct them.

At the end of the day, most users will continue to enjoy Google search. Though, Bing is right in correcting its methods to make search for its users more friendly.

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