Late last week, Google added a new Products section to the Enhancements report on Search Console. This new section allows webmasters to view more detailed information on the warnings, errors, and performance data for pages using the product schema markup.

This is what the section looks like in Search Console report:

From the screenshot above, you can see that many pages have been flagged with issues. But the nature of these warnings can be somewhat misleading as nearly all of them are regarding optional information in the product markup.
If any of the optional fields are omitted from the structured data (such as the aggregateRating, review, or brand fields) then that page is flagged with a warning even though the markup is valid & working.

Powerful New Management Tool for Product Markup

With this report, webmasters of e-commerce sites can quickly diagnose & address issues with their structured data product markup from a single interface. Additionally, new features were built into the Google Merchant Center & Manufacturer Center with this update.

Google Merchant Center

Product data feeds uploaded to the Google Merchant Center can now appear in Google Search & Image results. The product information displayed in these results will be ranked based on relevance to the user query. Additionally, payment is not required or accepted for eligibility. This feature is currently only available in the US, with announcements for other countries planned later in the year.

Google Manufacturer Center

Information from the Google Manufacturer Center such as the: product description, variants, rich content, images, and video can now appear in the product’s knowledge panel.

Overall, these updates aim to improve the way product information is displayed for potential customers across Google platforms.

You can view the original Google blog post about this Search Console update below or browse other SEO blog posts on our site.
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