PPC – Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising model, used for driving targetted traffic to an advertiser’s site. Unlike other online ad strategies, advertisers using a PPC campaign are only charged when an end user actually clicks on an ad link, to visit the advertiser’s site.

While many PPC network providers exist, Google Adsense is the most popular. Adsense is powered by a contextual engine, ensuring advertiser’s links show when related terms are searched on Google. or are displayed as sponsored links/ads on sites with relevant content.

Minimum cost for traffic from a PPC campaign, referred to as an advertiser’s Cost Per Click (CPC), will vary depending on how much competition exists for the relevant keywords an advertiser is targeting. Some CPCs can be as low as $0.01, while most range under $1 per click. However, very popular, competitive search terms and keywords can cost much more.

While the PPC format is open to abuse through fraud, Google is leading the online advertising industry in its attempts to crack down on click fraud, and insure that advertiser’s money is not wasted.

Pay Per Click campaigns are an excellent supplement to a solid Search Engine Optimization program, as it provides an alternate source of targeted traffic. Additionally, while a standard SEO program can take months to yield organic traffic from search engine rankings, PPC can produce quick results. Campaigns can be implemented fast, and could potentially begin delivering site traffic in the same day.