Transform the Sea of Analytics Data into Critical Growth Insight For Your Business

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Analytics is the measurement and analysis of data related to your website traffic, rankings, and visibility. The findings from an effective analytics campaign can help you formulate a powerful marketing strategy for your business. This insight can help you: understand the importance of which keywords are used in your content, create more cost-efficient PPC ads using data for keywords, prioritize tasks with higher impact to quicker improvements to the performance of your website.

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Professional Help With Your Analytics – CaliNetworks

Professional help in organizing your analytics data can help you: measure the quality of traffic from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), assign dollar values to organic traffic to understand the value of SEO to your business and identify slow or underperforming pages to be fixed. With a custom-built SEO dashboard for your analytics, you can quickly view the most integral information about what is happening with the traffic to your website.

We are here to help you setup your analytics profile correctly, audit, test, and create reports for your team to learn from. With over 15 years of experience working with big data analysis, our analysts can help support your team with new strategies and insights on where your traffic and business leads are going, and how to more effectively capture them into sales.

Our analysts are Google AdWords certified and can help you attain a better understanding of the data presented in Google Analytics. Consult an expert today and figure out how to ask the right questions to find crucial metrics within Google Analytics that directly influence the success of your website. We can help you find the best keywords for ad campaigns with keyword research, comb through your analytics for key indicators, and provide you with the planning and structure that will allow you to make use of your analytics data. Give us a call today at CaliNetworks to consult an analytics expert about the website for your business (805) 409-7700.

Key Takeaways from Analytics Data


There are a number of essential metrics to look at first when trying to learn from your analytics data. These involve tracking stats such as:

  • Overall traffic that your website is receiving overtime. This data can be correlated with updates made to the website to track the effectiveness of those upgrades or changes and to view the general rate of growth and effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.
  • % of Visitors from Search Engines and Referrals. Understanding where your traffic is coming from can offer you insight into how to better capture more of that traffic. Google dominates the search engine market with close to 90% of the market share, while Yahoo! and Bing are lagging behind at 5% and 3% respectively. It is important to understand the traffic that each search engine gets to understand whether your website is less visible on a specific search engine.
  • Referrals Per Keyword or Phrase. Identifying which keywords are providing you the most traffic and which high volume keywords to focus on are important parts of your Keyword Research and analytics efforts.
  • Conversion Rate for Each Keyword or Phrase. This data provides pivotal insight into which keywords are actually netting your business sales. From here, you can determine which keywords to improve based on which ones have higher rates of conversion and focus less on those that don’t bring in the sales. Conversion rate per keyword offers you vital knowledge on how exactly conversions start and end within the structure and pages of your website.
  • Bounce Rate. Bounce rate tracks the % of visitors that instantly leave the site after entering it. High bounce rates (80%+) may indicate that there is an issue with the appeal of your content or an issue with page load speed. Pages slower than 3 seconds in total load time may drive lots of potential visitors away before the page is even able to load.
  • Number of Pages Visited. Some traffic to your site views many pages while others only a few. This metric can show you how effectively the different parts of your site are linked together internally, how easy your navigation is to use, and how well your pages funnel visitors into areas where they are more likely to convert.

Analytics Services – Audit, Review, Repair

Services involved in our Analytics:

  • Google Analytics Setup and Verification
  • Webmaster Tools and AdWords Sync
  • Page Tagging and JavaScript review
  • Elements Inspection
  • Improving Account Structure
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Measuring Data Quality
  • Goals, Events, KPI’s, and Conversion Funnel Review
  • Checking Settings and Filters
  • E-Commerce Tracking Review
  • Desktop vs Mobile Traffic Review
  • Custom Dashboards and Reports

Big Data Analytics

Increase Revenue and Revolutionize Your Search Engine Performance with CaliNetworks

Our SEO team at CaliNetworks is committed to bringing you the most cost-effective services available for improving online traffic to your website. With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, our expert techniques and methodology have improved through countless Google ranking algorithm updates and can help you sort through the mounds of analytics data that Google provides. Contact us today to see how you can get more out of your Google Analytics data for your website.


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