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Digital Marketing for dentists can be seen as one of the most intense tasks to take on, considering everything else they have to deal with. From social media and paid advertising on Google and Bing to SEO and content optimization – increasing your Dental Practice’s overall visibility can be one of the biggest investments you could ever make. Every dentist strives to get the most patients, build the strongest team and be the safe haven for the community when it comes to dental work. The right amount of marketing can absolutely get them to this spot.

More and more users today are looking for the right dentist through search engines such as Google and Bing, than they have in the past. For much less than the cost of other advertising venues, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and even PPC can show your business off to a large volume of potential patients by putting your site where it belongs at the top of Google results. Just by having a website for your dental office is really not enough if you want to grow your practice to where it truly belongs.

People are continuing to search for dental offices near them, and as long as this is happening, a proper SEO strategy will jump you at the very top of results and furthermore can help attract thousands and thousands of potential dental patients onto the right pages of your very own website. Statistics show that more than 75% of users don’t really search beyond the first page of Google results. It also goes on to state that the top 3 results found on search engines such as Google and even Bing get quite a bit over 60% of traffic from that particular keyword. Let’s put it more simply. If you want the right amount of business to keep your dental office thriving, you’re going to have to make sure that you’re following the right steps when it comes to optimizing your website and wanting it to be shown on not only the first page of Google, but also in the top 3.

Instead of using old marketing methods in order to get more dental patients, the use of search engine optimization (SEO) helps you establish a solid and consistent platform that brings in more patients to your domain. Essentially, leads that are derived from the work of SEO usually show a higher conversion rate into patients than traffic brought in from plain marketing channels. Pretty much, the digital age is upon us. It’s here. It’s time to absorb it and utilize it for your benefit. Sadly, if you are not using digital marketing for the benefit of your dental practice, then you are absolutely being left behind on the organic exposure and intensely large patient lead base that goes along with a supreme SEO campaign done by real experts.

CaliNetworks is Dedicated to Helping Dental Offices Bring in More Patients

Our team here at CaliNetworks has been deeply involved with the ins and outs of digital marketing for over 15 years. Throughout the years, we have helped countless businesses and dental practices find the right amount of business from their online marketing strategy used by us. Overall, our goal is to not only make the dental office successful through SEO, but also add in the extra component of a beautiful website that will help attract more leads, achieving a strong rate of conversion, and help you get more patients than the year before.

Our clients have had the privilege of more than a 50% gain in search traffic within the first year of using our SEO methods. A strong and precise digital marketing strategy can help create consistent growth for any dental practice and help bring it to greater heights. 

For over 15 years, CaliNetworks has developed a great blueprint and strategy in SEO that involves:

  • The best research into Google’s algorithm changes and how we are able to better facilitate these respective changes in our specific advertising techniques.
  • Transparent and accurate reporting and analysis of all SEO results for your site and competitor sites.
  • Designing SEO strategies that are affordable and fit within the marketing needs of your company.
  • Successfully creating a project plan to take over your competitors and executing that plan to the very end.

Affordable Dental Practice Marketing Available Today – CaliNetworks

Generally, our approach to website marketing includes a lot more than simply just SEO itself. It also involves:

  • Content Services – The essential creation of content helps bring a high quality experience for users (UX experience) that Google and Bing enjoy: images, video, and content that is worded properly.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services – As known as Pay-Per-Click advertising via Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and all other social media platforms can quickly bring in immense results through traffic boosts and back-up an already effective SEO campaign.
  • Social Media Services – Our social media action plan helps get your social media platforms off the right track so you can get in front of as many viewers as possible.
  • Web Design – Your website is one of the most important features for your business, if not the most important. In order to actually gain traction, your website must be your top priority. Let us help you get the most important element squared away.
  • Mobile Friendly Pages – Having a proper mobile design is imperative. Almost everyone uses their mobile phone in order to view websites and social media platforms. Make sure your website is up-to-par on all mobile types.
  • Analytics – Our expert analytical audits and reports and reviews cover: Google Analytics setup & even management, AdWords profile management, on-page elements inspections, campaign tracking, looking at data quality, desktop vs. mobile traffic reviews and analysis, customized dashboards and even in-depth reporting.
  • Backlinks Review – The reason why links to your site are important is that Google views them as important if they are coming from credible sites. Furthermore, we audit and intensely review the back links pointing directly to your site, along with the internal linking structure between your pages, and monitor the type of quality links directed to your site to help you bridge a better reputation.

Supercharge Your Website Traffic with SEO From CaliNetworks

It takes time, hard work and efficiency in order to build not only your website but most importantly your digital marketing campaign. By hiring an experienced digital marketing team to look after your online advertising, you will have much more time to properly invest in your dental practice. Giving us the access to help you improve the performance of your website is pivotal. Our years of experience and dedicated strategies in Search Engine Optimization can strike a new chord with your business, one that will last for a long time – and even better, can help you attract a state of continuous growth within a year. Call us today (805) 409-7700 for a free quote or audit of your website.

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Al Noiwangmuang
19:47 01 Aug 22
CaliNetworks did a very good job updating our site by making it faster and updating some of our content pages. We will definitely be using them again for additional SEO more
Brett Fisher
17:46 19 Jul 22
The Calinetworks team is truly incredible at what they do. Ty and his team display a deep understanding of how Google search functions, its inner workings and have been well versed in it for quite some time. They have been a go-to for me when it comes to my SEO and online marketing needs. I highly recommend CaliNetworks to anyone looking for a company that knows exactly what they're more
Natalie S
21:40 07 Jun 22
A great team that is quick to help and goes above and beyond to ensure quality work. Assisted in the PPC setup and organization of our account and ads. Would definitely recommend!read more