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Through digital marketing, growing your law firm’s brand and visibility can be a well worthy, but time consuming investment in your growth. Every attorney needs cases to learn and build a successful career off of, and a well built marketing campaign can help provide you with a constant influx of new clientele.

More users are seeking legal advice through search engines than ever before. For a fraction of the cost of other advertising channels, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can expose your business to an immense volume of customers by placing your site at the top of search results. Simply having a website for your law firm is no longer enough to offer the growth that most firms are looking for.

As long as legal advice is a searched for topic in your area, an SEO advertising strategy that will put you near the top of results can help funnel thousands of potential customers onto the pages of your website. 75% of users don’t search past the first page of results, and the top 3 results on search engines get over 60% of the overall traffic from that keyword. Getting your site to rank on the first page brings in a lot of business, but ranking in the top 3 will attract more clients than you can handle, which is perfect for law firms that are looking to grow.

Rather than reaching out to potential clients like traditional marketing, search engine optimization helps you establish a solid platform that attracts clients to your domain. Also, Leads generated from SEO typically exhibit a much higher conversion rate into sales than leads from traditional marketing channels. In other words, the digital age is upon us. If you are not looking for digital marketing for your law firm, then you are missing out on the free exposure and massive customer base that accompany a successful SEO campaign.

Dedicated to The Success of Your Law Firm – CaliNetworks

At CaliNetworks, our team has been working in digital marketing for over 14 years. In the process, we have helped many individual attorneys find their niche in the legal sector of marketing. Our goal is to create success in your business by designing a website that: attracts more leads, achieves a high rate of conversion, and gets you more sales than the day before.

Most of our clients have experienced a >50% gain in organic search traffic within a year of applying our SEO strategies. From sole proprietors to megafirms, a sound digital marketing campaign can create thunderous growth and pave the road to success for your law firm.

Since 2004, we have developed an expertise and methodology in SEO that involves:

  • Constant research into Google’s algorithm changes and how we can better facilitate these changes in our advertising techniques.
  • Fully transparent and accurate analysis and reporting of results of SEO efforts.
  • Designing affordable SEO strategies to fit within the marketing needs of any company.
  • Creating a plan to overtake local competitors and executing that plan to the dot.

Affordable Attorney Marketing is Just A Call Away – CaliNetworks

Our wholistic approach to website marketing includes much more than just services in SEO, it also involves:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services – Pay-Per-Click advertising through Google, Bing, Facebook, and other social media channels can create quick results in traffic boosts or support an already booming SEO campaign.
  • Content Services – Creation of a high quality user experience that search engines thrive off of: images, video, and well worded text content.
  • Social Media Services – Increase the visibility of your brand by advertising through social media channels which see billions of visitors per day.
  • Web Design – Organizing the structure and layout of your website in order to create an interesting and easy to navigate browsing experience for every visitor.
  • Mobile Friendly Pages – The mobile market has grown to be larger than the desktop market. We make sure that your site is responsive in its design and offers a good experience to all mobile users as well as desktop users.
  • Analytics – Expert analytics audits and reviews that cover topics such as: Google Analytics setup & management, AdWords profile management, on page elements inspections, campaign tracking, data quality, desktop vs. mobile traffic reviews, custom dashboards and reporting.
  • Backlinks Review – Inbound links to your site are a large indicator to search engines that your site has trustworthy, quality content. We audit and review the backlinks pointing to your site, the internal linking structure between your pages, and clean up the quality of links to help your establish a better reputation of trust.

Turbocharge Your Traffic with SEO From CaliNetworks

There are no two ways around it; building a better business involves taking the time to create a better website. With an expert marketing team doing your advertising, you have more time to invest in your business while we improve the performance of your website for you. Our expertise and strategies in SEO can breathe new life into your business and can help you attain a state of continuous growth within a year. Call us today (805) 409-7700 for a free quote or audit of your website.

Diane Ballot
Diane Ballot
17:54 19 Aug 19
Massimo and his team are exceptional in every way. They are quick, thorough, affordable, and they go above and beyond to make sure you're happy with the final product. There have been many evenings where they stayed late just to make sure my page was the way I needed it. I guarantee you won't be disappointed in their work and creativity. I highly recommend CaliNetworks. 5 Stars!!!!
Inna Pinkhasova
Inna Pinkhasova
00:43 17 Jul 19
An amazing experience working with Ty Carson and his team. I highly recommend Cali Networks for any website projects in both consulting and/or execution of your ideas.Great experience with Massimo from the intro, quote, progress and communication throughout the project. Ty and his team bring your ideas and content to life! Their first drafts were in line with our expectations. They did a phenomenal job working with our team to develop a very strong visual and textual presentation of our company. We and our clients are very pleased with the finished product. By far, the best response time of any online company we've worked with on technical support or any modifications we request. We appreciate their ongoing professional suggestions, feedback, and quality assurance. Not only Ty and his team are skilled and professional, but they are also very service-minded and take their time to understand the vision from the big picture to the smallest detail. In addition, they have made some great recommendations that we gladly utilize and love. I have no qualms about giving them my best recommendation and will definitely consider them for future projects. My business and life will forever be enhanced by this knowledgeable team. I can't wait to develop future projects as I know our vision was respected and exalted professionally. Special thanks to Massimo for his ongoing guidance and expertise.
Jay Lieberman
Jay Lieberman
23:12 25 Jul 19
These guys were simply awesome. Super responsive, no drama. No issues. Just straight up excellent work that ended up better than I expected. Will be back soon!
Paul Tashnizi
Paul Tashnizi
20:51 08 Aug 19
A great company. CaliNetworks has a great team to work with. They are very responsive and accommodating. You can't go wrong retaining CaliNetworks.
Kevin Marquez
Kevin Marquez
21:40 13 May 19
Massimo was an amazing person! We had no idea how to set up a website or email addresses for our company and max did it with no problem! He was very patient with us in explaining all the details and always was on top of everything no matter the time and he was very dedicated to making our vision a reality! I highly recommend this guy over any other company. EIFC couldn’t do it with out him. EIFC will staying working with him for all our needs. Top professional in all aspects.
TriMed Marketing
TriMed Marketing
21:05 30 Aug 19
Our company recently acquired the services of CaliNetworks to help us with boosting our digital footprint, and we couldn't be happier with our choice! It feels like the CaliNetworks team gives us exclusive attention, and is always there when we need them most. Any issues that we have is resolved immediately, and they are extremely prompt with deadlines. They are a wonderful company with a stellar staff and I would highly, highly, recommend them!!
Rico Saken
Rico Saken
20:35 10 Oct 19
CaliNetworks did a phenomenal job on our newly created site. Massimo was professional, highly responsible and a pleasure to work with. Prior to the site’s creation, he went thru all of our company specific needs and discussed various options with me. His creative ideas yielded a successful product. I highly recommend this group.
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