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A website analysis service is designed to give clients an in-depth diagnosis of potential site issues and improvements related to SEO elements. A technical SEO audit should provide the information necessary to help you improve your website into a high quality, high ranking site recognized by Google.

At CaliNetworks, our affordable audit services can help you organize your site content and find the best opportunities for improving organic site traffic and conversions.

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Common Types of Analysis

  • Competitor Research: Exploration of competitor ad campaigns, tactics, and strategy. Close the gap between your site and the top-ranking competitor site.
  • Content Analysis: Identify which content on your site has room for improvement using critical metrics such as page visit time and bounce rates.
  • Backlink Analysis: Classify the quality and quantity of links that link to your site.
  • Traffic Analysis: Understand decreases & increases in traffic data and draw correlations between fluctuations and updates in Google’s algorithms such as Panda & Penguin.

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More detailed than a quick tool, Our SEO Audits Analyze:

  • General site structure: URLs
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Local Analysis
  • Brand Analysis
  • Page Titles & description tags
  • Page load speed
  • XML Sitemap
  • Site Indexing

  • JavaScript & Flash Elements
  • Mobile Rankings
  • Video Content
  • Blog Content
  • International Content
  • Social Media Content & Strategy
  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • External Linking Strategy
  • Google Analytics data: Conversions and Organic traffic

Website Analysis Reporting

After our in-depth webpage analysis, we will provide you with a full report including potential issues and solutions to improve search engine rankings. This report would include both the prioritized short and long-term SEO recommendations for you to make and would cover topics such as:

  • Traffic: Comprehensive site performance analysis done with analytics data pulled from Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. Our reports use third party software to track and display changes in year over year or period over period comparisons.
  • Rankings: Detailed report on keywords relevant to current campaigns, as well as a broad look at the key terms that track the effect of Google Algorithms and the impact of SEO initiatives.
  • Content Performance: Extensive analysis done on performance on pages on your site based on the main content of those pages. This section includes metrics such as: rankings and traffic, behavioral statistics such as bounce rate and session duration, and total conversions.
  • On-page & Site issues: This includes meta tags, canonical implementation, crawl errors, like bad redirect errors that a bot may encounter when crawling through the website. This section also includes the experience and friendliness to mobile users.
  • Backlink Report: The backlink report includes details on links acquired, links lost, and possible issues with any links pointing to, from, or within your site. Our analysis can uncover issues with any links including those caused by link buying or negative SEO and offer solutions to fixing your link network.
  • Competitor Research: A thorough review of competitors from your business niche and off-site implementations that can improve your rankings. We rank your competitors over time to monitor the effectiveness of their improvements and the effects they have on performance and organic traffic.
  • Conversions: The most important metric tracked, conversions are the total number of leads a site can generate. We track the number of conversions, their source, and how they behave on your site because these metrics can provide critical insight in understanding the health of your site and where to direct our SEO focus.
  • Trends relevant to your niche: We alert you when opportunities arise for you to capitalize on trends relevant to your business niche. We will advise you and your team on how to take advantage of keywords or topics by creating new content or updating existing content to increase organic traffic.
  • Work complete/ In Progress: Stay up to date with our consistently updated reports. We log and report everything that our team is doing in a transparent and executive friendly manner that is easy to understand.

Analytics Analysis

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