Why is SEO important in 2019?

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It’s 2019. Is SEO still important? This question keeps floating, year after year. 

Of course, we are NOT disregarding the other forms of marketing, as all of it comes together – to help push the respective business forward and, more importantly, give the end-user the experience they are looking for.

In the midst of all the digital marketing options, we will take a peak specifically at how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays quite a huge role still in 2019. 

We put together the top 5 reasons why SEO is so [extremely] important in 2019.

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SEO is important in 2019. Very important. Time to understand it.

Search Engine Optimization, referred to as SEO, started in the late 90’s. At one point, it was referred to as Search Engine Placement, and even “Website Promotion.”

Today, SEO is the driving factor behind many businesses’ success via the Internet.

To many, SEO is not well understood.

The variables that stand strong behind proper optimization and performing SEO correctly are endless. A topic that can go on forever.

SEO is ever-evolving, especially with the amount of fluctuating algorithm changes. It’s said that there are hundreds of daily algorithm changes, for each individual keyword.

It can be very daunting, and confusing – even to the most intelligent of people. Many do not “get it”…and, quite frankly…do not want to get it.

It’s boring, like a plain glass of water… to the ordinary person.

But to a true SEO lover, it’s a shot of espresso… one that will keep you up at night to finish reading the latest article! It’s what drives us. It’s the… RESULTS!!

SEO and Google are very much like peanut butter and jelly. Monitor and desktop. They both go hand-in-hand and help people find the answer(s) they are looking for.

There is no magic behind SEO. No wizard behind a screen that decides what gets ranked. Though, the importance of search-engine-optimization is so high, that without it, the world wide web would be a large pit for confusion and destruction.

There would be no organization and order from within the searches.

A free-for-all.

In other words, we need it. YOU NEED IT.

SEO helps shape and drive the respective business to connecting with a plethora of clients. It’s done in an organic manner… no pun intended.

1. SEO is a long-term investment

The question that normally comes up is, “How long will it take me to rank on Google?”.

As SEO is more of a lifestyle, than a strategy, it should not be seen as something that will get you “x” within a certain period of time. In that case, you are better off going door-to-door and hoping one of your potential clients will bite.

With SEO, it is important to understand that the work being done today, will be seen down the line…and if maintained properly…stay there, or even grow. Want more results? Keep optimizing.

Periodic table of SEO

“SEO is a long term investment. What we do today, we will see months, even years from now. It has to be done the right way though; then the results are continuous.”

-Ty Carson, CaliNetworks

2. You can cut your paid costs in half and save money with SEO

Yes, paid search gives almost immediate results and can be costly, depending on the bid.

However, we must take into consideration that statistics have proven only 20% of users click on paid Google advertising.

Granted, this number can change depending on the specific keyword, but this stat holds pretty true across the board.

SEO vs SEM comparison chart

3. SEO helps bring in more, consistent traffic.

According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 76,000 live searches per second.

Yes. Per second!

This number is growing, as is the strength of Search Engine Optimization.

Why do these numbers matter? Well, first off it shows that the power of search is so extreme that it can make or break a business.

How? Well, by being a part of it – or not. I repeat…being a part of it, or not.

Wooden numbers stacked on each other

4. SEO can be tracked through analytics.

Tracking important information regarding your viewer’s activity is essential in continuing your SEO campaign [lifestyle].

If coded incorrectly, we will be able to see: What pages they are viewing, how long they are there, what parts of the pages they are attracted to, where they are clicking, and more. Much more. The amount of analytical data can run on for days. That is one of the most rewarding parts. Both the SEO expert and the business owner can reap the benefits in seeing the results and its respective ROI.

The answers to the questions are endless, and the results help shape for further optimization.

Analytics is key in determining how well an SEO campaign does.

There are, of course, other variables involved: What keywords are working for competitors, what other keywords are being used for them, how strong is their E-A-T score, where are the backlinks coming from, how strong and relevant is that website it’s coming from… and countless other data.

A strong SEO company does the detailed work that other companies do not want to do, and at times… do not know how to do. SEO is not just content creation and inbound links.

It is not just creating reports and going over results with the CEO. It is more than that. As much as SEO is data-driven, it is also an art.

The expert must constantly be brushing up on his/her skills, researching new updates – and there should always be an even stronger team that backs him/her up.

It truly comes down to that.

5. Your Return on Investment is fruitful

If you are serious about your company’s growth, then you must have a marketing budget. [Digital] Marketing budgets normally run 10% – 20% of company sales. Newer companies should be spending up to 40%.

Want to play it cheap?

You’ll get cheap results. Simple as that.

It takes money to make money. Period.

You cannot grow unless you are investing and keeping your businesses’ pipelines circulating. While doing so, you must be working with the right company.

That is why doing your respective research on the digital marketing firm is imperative.

SEO is not for “one-hit wonder” type companies.

It takes a good investment in the beginning, with the right team. Once the 3-4 month mark comes, results should start to show. It takes time, but it is so worth it.

Even if you decide to lower the budget back a bit, after several months, you will still see your graph continue to rise. 

Graph of improving ROI

In Conclusion

In order for your business to succeed in 2019, SEO should absolutely be a part of your online marketing plan.

Digital marketing. Whatever you want to call it.

Relying solely on one marketing avenue is not only not wise, it is flat our dangerous.

From social media to maps listing, online directories to banner ads, Search Engine Optimization helps bridge all the other digital marketing variables together.

Is SEO important in 2019? I would definitely say it is.

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