Google Adwords 2X – Budget Can be Overspent by Twice as Much

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Google has announced that starting October 4th, 2017 AdWords campaigns can spend up to twice the daily budget in order to help your campaign reach its goals for targets such as clicks and conversions.

Adwords Daily Budget Cap

The internet fluctuates on a daily basis, and you never know when there is a surge of traffic that may hit. If your ads don’t show up because your budget was capped, then you miss out on all of that opportunity. The same goes for days when the traffic is really low for your targeted campaigns, and you can’t spend your entire budget. Google claims that it will make up for it by overspending on other days to balance it out.

Check out the Google AdWords tweet on how Google is going to help you hit your advertising goals and post your thoughts on their Twitter page.

Tweet from Google AdWords describing how campaigns can technically spend up to 2x daily budget

What Google mentions is that they won’t charge you more than your daily budget over a course of 30.4 days. So if you’re spending $100 /day as a daily budget, and this month of October has 31 days, then your spend should be $3,100 for the month (or close to it). Hopefully this is the case and you don’t see a $6,200 bill from Google. Just remember to check your daily budgets this month and what the charges at the end of the month. If you let Google spend it, they will spend it. Read more on Google Adwords charges and your daily budget.

Here’s an example of a daily budget in Google Adwords for a small business. $60/day budget.

ppc campaign budget daily

If Google delivers over your estimated month budget (daily budget x 30.4), then Google states that it will credit the over-delivery cost back to your account. Why doesn’t Google just set a monthly budget as an option? Most marketing managers and directors work off a monthly budget in their spreadsheets and meetings. DO NOT cut your monthly advertising budget in half. Just do yourself a favor, and check your Google Adwords Account budgets at the end of the month. You may find some over-delivery credit that can be requested back into your account.

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