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At CaliNetworks, we work diligently with our clients to exceed your expectations in SEO and to create a custom website template and strategy that will drive success in your business. Since 2001, we have striven to grow organic search traffic, increase conversion rates, and generate more leads and sales from websites for businesses in California and done have done so with great success. Many of our clients have seen a 50% or greater traffic increase within the first year alone! If you’re looking to grow your business in California, then give us a call today (805) 409-7700 to give your sales a huge boost through:

Stunning Results In California by Improving Organic Search Traffic

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Our goal with SEO is to attract a larger volume of new and returning customers from your local area whether this is up in San Francisco and the bay area, or down in Los Angeles and Ventura County. Give your website the boost in local traffic it needs to help you grow your business continuously.

This involves a focus on keywords that provide major growth to your visibility in local search rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo which occupy a majority of search engine traffic. Gain a noticeable advantage over local competitors with the proven methodology and expertise that we have employed for over 14 years at CaliNetworks and get the results that you and your business will thrive from. We are so confident in our ability to increase your website’s success that we even offer free site audits to give you a taste of what a real SEO company can do. Simply follow the link below to contact us about our free services today.

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At CaliNetworks, we don’t just offer geo-targeting for all of California, but also provide local SEO specifically for different cities in California such as:

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Far More Affordable Than Your Last California SEO Company

Targeting SEO in California. Each website that we build is a unique project with individual needs and challenges. We design packages that are tailored to each client’s budget and hourly needs to create an effective and affordable SEO package that includes:

  • SEO Monthly Hours with varying rates depending on the volume.
  • 10 hours/month minimum (Perfect for small businesses looking for a quick boost)
  • 20/25/30/40/50 hours/month, etc. (Medium to Large Corporate Businesses looking to grow)
  • Conference Calls available for consulting and discussion of results and future SEO plans.
  • Full SEO Audit Reports.
  • Enterprise-level expert digital marketing services that will increase the traffic to your site.

CaliNetworks – Focused on Getting You Results In California

For California businesses, we understand that your goal is not just to simply survive as a business, but to thrive from the leads and sales that can be generated from your website. We are a small business in California that won’t put your site on the back burner like many of the larger SEO firms, and our ambitions are to immensely expand the traffic and visibility of your website and business. Don’t be satisfied with the mediocre results that your current SEO company is serving you! We give our full attention and focus to each and every one of our clients and offer you the opportunity to take part in a mutually beneficial business partnership that could double or triple your search traffic in under a year. Give us a call today for a free quote on Digital Marketing services in California at CaliNetworks (805) 409-7700.

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